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Our son's future is brighter and more hopeful than we could have ever expected due to the legal and interpersonal skills of Tim Zerillo.
Our son spent the last three years turning his life completely around by joining the Army. He was decorated no less than five times during combat in Afghanistan and will deploy again this year. We are proud to say that he has truly become a leader among men and women.
A past mistake, for which our son is most regretful, surfaced to haunt him right after he returned from the war last year. We enlisted the legal services of Tim Zerillo, never imagining that the outcome would be so successful.
Tim knew what to do, how to do it, and who to engage. Not only did he diligently research our son's defense alternatives, he showed that quality we most admire in the human spirit…a kind heart. He saw in our son not only a life successfully turned around but one dedicated to combating those who would deprive his fellow human beings their safety and freedom, both in the United States and the rest of the world.
Tim never faltered in his support and belief in our son.
Thank you Tim, from the bottom of our hearts.


Timothy E. Zerillo Clients’ Choice Award 2017
Timothy E. Zerillo Clients’ Choice Award 2014
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