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Case Results

  • Not Guilty
    Drug and Assault Case
  • Millions
    Auto Accident
  • $2,500,000
    Confidential Wrongful Death Settlement
  • $900,000
    Sexual Assault Settlement
  • Case Dismissed
    Felony Marijuana Trafficking
    It all started with a drug trafficking felony in Kennebec County. Our Client was a college student and an employee of marijuana grow, who was transporting marijuana when he was stopped by a State Trooper. At the Capital Judicial Center in Augusta, we were able to negotiate a deferred disposition to a misdemeanor possession via an Alford Plea. Our client will do 40 hours of community service and the case will be dismissed in one year.
  • Felonies Dismissed
    Heroin, Fentanyl & Cocaine Trafficking Felonies
    In 2017, our client was arrested for trafficking (Class B) heroin, fentanyl, and cocaine in York County, Maine. I felt that the stop and seizure of the drugs were suspect, and might present a good opportunity to suppress the evidence. Moreover, to his credit, our client threw himself into treatment and did an excellent job getting sober.  Our client had a prior felony conviction. However, his treatment and the pending Motion to Suppress the evidence we filed put us in a good negotiating posture. We were able to work out a no-jail plea yesterday in the York County Superior Court to Possession of Cocaine. Congratulations to our Client who just dodged a huge bullet!