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  • I cannot say enough about Tim's professionalism and dedication
    Tim was thoroughly professional throughout our adventure, and helped me wrap-up matters very quickly, while previous attorneys had delayed and procrastinated. I cannot say enough about Tim's professionalism and dedication. He is an incredible attorney, and I will always recommend him to anyone in need.

    - Anonymous

  • Tim is the absolute best attorney
    Tim is the absolute best attorney. He's highly intelligent, thoughtful, and empathetic. It's rare to find someone so thoroughly competent in any profession. If you ever need an attorney in Maine, you can not do better than Tim Zerillo.

    - Aaron K

  • Tim Zerillo was able to completely resolve both my legal and my civil issues.

    I unfortunately i was involved in a traumatic freak incident that forever changed my life. Because of this incident I was facing Very Serious legal and civil issues because of it. My world was completely flipped upside down. I reached out to very well-known attorney JP Degrinney who help me out in personal injury case before. Mr. Degrinney told he had just retired but he was going to hook up with Tim Zerillo with Zerillo Law Firm. He stated that if he was in my shoes this is who he would personally call for himself. Thank God he did that for me!!
    Zerillo Law is the most professional well-organized law firm I ever delt with. And Tim Zerillo was able to completely resolve both my legal and my civil issues. I would have been completely screwed without his help. Zerillo Law Firm will be the first place I call if I ever need legal representation again

    - Joe M.

  • Thank God We Contacted Timothy Zerillo
    Not knowing where to turn, and after consulting with one of the most noted defense lawyers in the nation, we were directed to contact Maine Attorney, Timothy Zerillo, and thank God, we did! 

    - Anonymous

  • Highly Recommended !
    Tim Zerillo will get ALL charges dismissed, nuff said. Maybe, just maybe, in a worst-case scenario, he'll get the charges down from 25 federal felonies to a single misdemeanor charge. Not too bad for worst case.

    - Mike L

  • Here it is, the moment of truth and Tim stands up for you.
    No one expects to need a lawyer, but when you do, call Tim. He cares about the outcome of your case. I’ll paint a picture. You’re young. You’ve never been “in trouble” a day in your life, but you’ve found yourself in an unfortunate situation. You google “criminal defense lawyer” and call the first name that comes up; it’s Tim. When you get arrested life hits hard and it hits fast. You lose your job, your life changed over night, and the life you’ve built for yourself up until now seems likes it’s already over. The anxiety consumes you. Now it’s your first day in court; it’s been a long day already. The guy right before “you’re up” mouths-off to the judge, and the judge YELLS at him. Now your name is being called and your racing thoughts are saying, “Is this like tv? Is the judge going to take out his anger on me? Am I going to jail now?” Here it is, the moment of truth and Tim stands up for you. You’ve heard about bad lawyers and you don’t know him other than a name on a website. But you look up; the judge’s eyebrows perk up, he smiles and says, “Mr. Zerillo, it’s nice to see you.”, and the crushing weight of the world lifts off of your shoulders. Tim maintained a level of professionalism, competence, and swift persistence that I had never seen before in my life, and I’m a college educated former career fireman. The case had a positive outcome, and although I’ve had changes in my life since then, I’ve experienced a level of success that I never felt before. I’ve switched careers, my income is double what it used to be, I’m a homeowner, I’m engaged, and I’m expecting my first child, and I owe it all to Tim.

    - Anonymous

  • He operates at the highest level of professionalism, but doesn't hesitate to rip his opponents to shreds when warranted
    Tim is the best lawyer I could have asked for to help me through the process of a business "divorce" and litigation. He is extremely knowledgable, well written and well spoken. He has a rational, practical approach to legal challenges. When needed, he pulled in consultants that were very helpful to my case. He operates at the highest level of professionalism, but doesn't hesitate to rip his opponents to shreds when warranted. I was very impressed with how he examined / cross-examined witnesses during trial, aggressive and intimidating when necessary. I would recommend Tim without the slightest bit of hesitancy. Thank you, Tim, for your dedication and hard work!!

    - Anon

  • Tim is a very excellent lawyer!

    Tim is a very excellent lawyer, I highly recommend him! I was in some serious trouble with the government, and he got me out of it. I never had a lawyer who is so determined, so dedicated, to help a client out, he will help you every step of the way.

    - Former Client

  • Great Attorney, I feel fortunate to have been represented by him.

    Attorney Zerillo handled my case brilliantly. He did so with the utmost competence, clarity, reassurance and even with a little of humor, which helped put me a bit more at ease during a difficult time. I would highly recommend Tim and his team to anyone in need of such services.

    - Stephen

  • Without any question....the best of the best!
    We hired Tim to represent our son in a criminal matter. We will forever be grateful for the extremely favorable outcome - thank you Tim!!! Throughout my lifetime, I have hired multiple attorneys (business, real estate, and divorce). This guy is, without any doubt, the best I have ever dealt with!!! He was quick to respond to our needs and very attentive to details. In fact, he knew things that the Judge and District Attorney didn't know - 100% true!!! He is also one of the most professional, ethical, and intelligent individuals I have ever met. I would hire him again a million times over (although I hope I never need to - LOL). Don't waste your time shopping around for the best attorney. Take my word for it, if you want the best of the best, you've found him right here!!! Thanks again Tim. My family will forever be indebted to you.

    - Tony

  • Best lawyer in Maine!
    Tim is an extremely professional and knowledgeable lawyer. Throughout my legal case, Tim's confidence and understanding of the legal system made me feel extremely comfortable. He was very responsive to any questions I had and always made sure I had a good understanding of what was taking place. More importantly, his work speaks for itself as my outcome was better than expected. I would highly recommend him.

    - Former Client

  • Tim and his staff are great to deal with and I recommend him.
    I had an insurance issue from a car accident where I was hurt. It wasn't my fault, but the insurance company wouldn't do anything for me, so I hired Tim. He is a super nice guy and he understood the process as a former insurance adjuster. So Tim started to work on them and they offered a settlement, but it still wasn't enough. So we filed suit and after pushing them, we got the case settled for over 3 times more than our best offer before filing suit. Tim and his staff are great to deal with and I recommend him.

    - Former Client

  • Doesn't get any better.
    Mr. Zerillo helped me tremendously. Mine was a difficult case and he chose the best possible defense he could. He fought for me and presented my side of the story which allowed for the determination of my case to be as successful as it could. He is a man that cares about his client and their family. He was kind and helpful to them and answered all their questions effectively whether on the phone, in person or email. He was quick to respond even on weekends and holidays. He was thorough with investigations and bringing other experts in when necessary. Mr. Zerillo has a true understanding of the clients side regarding family and the emotions. A great "bed-side manner". I am grateful to have found him.

    - William

  • Tim did a superb job putting me at ease while preparing my case.
    Tim did a superb job putting me at ease while preparing my case, and demonstrated a well-deserved confidence and masterful knowledge of the law. He was consistently patient and accommodating with my frequent requests and questions, and responded promptly every time. I highly encourage you to contact him if you’re ever in need of a lawyer.

    - Former Client

  • He got my case dismissed in no time!

    Tim Zerillo was tremendous, super helpful and considerate with my case. He got my case dismissed in no time which saved me a lot time, money and stress. Great guy! Thank you again :)

    - Jenna

  • extremely knowledgable and very talented.
    I came across Attorney Zerillo after a family member helped research top criminal defense attorneys in the state of Maine. After having a previous attorney, from a large firm, even with great ratings and other research, that attorney/firm was nowhere near in comparison to Attorney Tim Zerillo and his team. I was fortunate to have found Tim and switched to him and his team. I call him Tim because he didn't belittle his clients or make them feel less than or as if they were less important. He cares about his clients and wants you to call him by his first name because he realizes we are all humans and can be wrongfully convicted (in my case here), or for some even make mistakes. He is extremely knowledgeable and very talented. In times of court, he was the best speaking, most polite, knowledgeable, and best dressed defense attorney out of at least a dozen+ that I counted. His office staff are excellent and very kind and professional. I would not suggest going to a large firm, regardless of their rating. I did that and wasted a lot of money. They don't seem to care anywhere near as much as Attorney Tim Zerillo would, unless you are a large corporate player or well known customer in the firm with a lot of money....which even then, they probably still wouldn't come close to Attorney Tim Zerillo. Therefore, I will always give Tim the highest rating, though his true high rating is nowhere near the max of this website.

    - R.J.

  • He literally saved my family and I could never thank him enough.

    Last year my wife and I went through the most difficult year of our lives. We were falsely accused of horrendous child abuse by the mother of my sons, with whom I had separated in 2013, and with whom I share custody of my children. My wife and I endured nearly eight months of total separation from the kids, all while defending ourselves from unthinkable and disgusting accusations. The stress was unimaginable and the legal threat was all too real. Seeing we were in for a fight, we hired Tim based on his online reputation. I can say without hesitation that his reputation is well deserved. Tim was always available and supportive. He deftly navigated the highs and lows of that terrible time and restored my sons to us. He literally saved my family and I could never thank him enough. It’s clear that he is a skilled lawyer, but what’s more important, he has shown himself to be a good man. He is kind and understanding and extremely prepared. He is smart and he is gracious. You can tell he loves his family and he believes in justice for those he defends. I am eternally grateful to him and wish him continued success.

    - Andrew

  • Tim went out of his way to assist me when I was in need.

    Tim went out of his way to assist me when I was in need. At the time his case load was full and he was unable to take on another case but he went out of his way to try and assist me in finding alternate council, he gave up an incredible amount of his personal time.

    It is not everyday you meet someone this caring in life

    I am beyond appreciative!

    - Jeff

  • Tim’s ability to asses your worries and make you feel safe in a time that’s crazy is invaluable.
    The amount of knowledge, compassion, and depth to understand difficult regulations by Tim is Bar None! Tim’s ability to asses your worries and make you feel safe in a time that’s crazy is invaluable. Tim is my go to man. I recommended Tim to a family friend for their son and they could not be more grateful for Tim's outcome and the care and knowledge he displays. To top it all Tim's touch and grace on my matter made the difference.

    - Nick

  • Excellent attorney and services!

    I hired Tim to represent me in a personal injury case. Tim and his staff are very caring, patient and helpful. Outstanding worth ethic demonstrated throughout the entire process, and a very satisfying final outcome. We won! Tim promptly responded to my questions whether it was via email or phone promptly, and explained things to me in great detail; along with providing wonderful guidance through the entire process. Tim took the time to listen to me, no matter how many questions I had. I am a prior client of Tim, and will always contact Tim if I ever need any legal advice/help. Excellent attorney and services!

    - Jennifer

  • When only the best is needed, Tim is your go-to guy.
    When only the best is needed, Tim is your go-to guy. The US government raided my home and took cameras, checking accounts, documents, etc. in a raid that was a total shock to me. While the raid was happening, I phoned Tim and he showed up at my home within 30 minutes!! The FBI, Maine state police, local police, and special agents were all here. Tim handled them and they left. That was the most terrifying time of my life. Tim made it a whole lot less! Take my word for it, when you need a lawyer call Tim Zerillo the first time, why settle for second best. By the way, the Government finely returned my records and are no longer pursuing me!

    - Greg

  • Zerillo Fights to the End!
    I would strongly recommend using the services of Tim Zerillo at Zerillo Zerillo Law Firm, LLC firm as I have used Tim twice and he has without a doubt executed his professionalism in the law field to win both cases. Tim works extremely hard for his clients and makes sure that every rock is turned and will fight to the end to assure his clients are getting the results they deserve.  #ZerilloStrong #ZerilloLaw #ZerilloFightsToTheEnd  ️

    - Former Client

  • Extremely knowledgeable, wise & caring.
    There aren't enough kind and wonderful words I can find to describe what an amazing Lawyer Tim Zerillo is. He has gone above and beyond the job to help not just me but I'm sure all of his clients. He is extremely knowledgeable, wise and caring. I highly recommend Tim Zerillio Law Firm. He saved my life and I can't thank him enough for all the hard work and effort he has dedicated to my case.

    - Former Client

  • A tremendous despair has been lifted from me.
    How to put into words what I am feeling? A tremendous despair has been lifted from me. We are so grateful to you for not only your superb handling of Matt's case but also your thoughtful and caring recognition of the man he has become. You have made a direct and patriotic contribution to your country. Thanks again, Tim. Well done indeed. We remain your lasting friends.

    - Parents of Client

  • Best Attorney in Maine
    Tim Zerillo recently represented my family in a very complicated and sensitive family matter. Tim selflessly stepped up to defend us in what was against all odds. We had no hope, no case. Tim worked seamlessly and gave all he had. He was willing to do "whatever it took" to rescue my son, and he did. This was my mission. I needed a miracle, I knew I was asking for the impossible, yet I still required counsel for damage control. Tim worked for my family like it was his own. I was coming from a very desperate place, I hadn't slept or eaten in 3 weeks, I was a nightmare client. In 24 hours from meeting Tim, we left the court with nothing short of a miracle. I will forever be grateful to Tim. Attorney Zerillo kept our family together and saved my baby from a life of fear and abuse. Words are inadequate.

    - Child Abuse Case Client

  • Best Lawyer in Maine!
    Tim Zerillo has provided an outstanding service and resolved the case with an excellent outcome, when my options were limited and the likelihood of a satisfactory resolution seemed high to impossible. Tim not only carefully weighed all the options, his calm and empathetic demeanor provided me with much needed confidence. He is very attentive and responded to all my questions and concerns with utmost sincerity at every step of the process. He went above and beyond in handling my case, and I am very pleased with the final results. I would highly recommend Tim Zerillo's law firm without any reservations

    - Former Client