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Drug Crimes


Tim has handled several cases for me over the last 10+ years, and I continue to have him represent me to this day. From misdemeanors, to felony, to federal indictment Tim has been willing to work to whatever extent possible for me. He has, on a few occasions, even had impromptu meetings outside of normal business hours with friends of mine who found themselves in trouble. It is apparent that the well being of his clients is TOP PRIORITY. This, along with an incredibly assuring demeanor, diligent work ethic, and vast knowledge of the law make him my first choice as criminal defense attorney.

--Review by a criminal defense client

Tim Zerillo extensively practices drug defense in Federal and State Courts in Maine.  Drug cases involve the intersection of numerous legal topics, from the suppression of evidence to the treatment of individuals with addition issue.  If drugs have gotten you in trouble, Tim Zerillo has the skills, experience and tenacity to turnaround a bad legal situation.


Whether you have been charged with trafficking drugs in Maine state courts or conspiracy to distribute drugs in Federal Court, we have the experience to effectively handle your case. We routinely represent clients who have been accused of a wide range of drug crimes, including:

  • Conspiracy
  • Drug cultivation
  • Drug possession
  • Drug trafficking
  • Furnishing drugs
  • Manufacturing drugs
  • Paraphernalia possession
  • Marijuana cultivation

When you need experienced criminal defense representation, come to our offices. We will aggressively defend your rights and protect your interests for all drug charges, including those involving marijuana, methamphetamine, crack, cocaine, fentanyl, meth, heroin and prescription drugs like Xanax, OxyContin and Vicodin (Hydrocodone).

Our office is well known in the Maine legal community – an attorney accused of felony drug trafficking recently sought our legal representation, knowing of our experience and skill. We were able to get the case dismissed before indictment, allowing the attorney to avoid jail time and potentially devastating career consequences.


If you have been charged by the Federal Government, or are the target of a Federal investigation, it is critical that you get a qualified attorney as quickly as possible.  All drug crimes are serious, but Federal crimes, with their harsh Sentencing Guidelines, are generally the most serious.

Possession with Intent to Distribute, what is commonly thought of as drug trafficking, is frequently charged in federal court.  This charge requires the Government prove that the Defendant possessed a controlled substance, intending to distribute it to someone else. Possession can be either actual or constructive. A person who has direct physical control of something on or around his or her person is then in actual possession of it. A person who is not in actual possession, but who has both the power and the intention to exercise control over something, is in constructive possession of it. Additionally, the Federal Government must establish that the Defendant had specific intent to distribute the drug over which he or she had actual or constructive possession, and that they did all this knowingly and intentionally.  The Government bears the burden of proving all the elements of this offense beyond a reasonable doubt.

It is also common for the Federal Government to charge defendants with Conspiracy.  A Conspiracy is when 2 or more people conspire to do something illegal, in this case a drug crime, and they take steps to achieve the object of that conspiracy.  Once again, the Government must prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt to achieve a conviction.

Federal drug crimes are very serious.  We have had success defending these cases and defend them with frequency in Federal Court.  Tim Zerillo once achieved a diversion for a soldier charged with drug trafficking.  The soldiers co-defendants were all convicted and sent to prison, while Attorney Zerillo's client went free without serving a day in jail.


We commonly handle State drug charges around Maine courts.  Maine prosectors and police (including the MDEA) commonly charge drug possession (which can be a misdemeanor or a felony), drug trafficking, aggravated drug trafficking, drug furnishing and conspiracy.  We can help you with your State drug crime case.


Very often, drug crimes are charged because the police illegally obtained evidence. We have litigated motions in Federal Court and Maine courts to suppress that evidence as a result of illegal search warrants, illegal stops, drug dog cases, thermal imaging cases and more.

Protect Your Future!

To best protect your future and your freedom when you have been charged with a drug crime, you need the assistance of an experienced lawyer who is familiar with the criminal justice system.

Marijuana businesses

Maine's medical cannabis and recreational marijuana laws are constantly evolving.  Tim Zerillo represents marijuana businesses and entrepreneurs throughout Maine.  He lectures regularly on legal issues for Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine.  We provide legal advice on a variety of topics, including consultation on their various enterprises, opinions on legality of business and operational plans, and criminal or regulatory regulation as need.

If you are doing business in the Maine marijuana space and have questions, please contact us.

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