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“It was like magic. I changed Tim's contact information in my phone to ‘Houdini'…The only thing better than having Tim as your lawyer is never needing a lawyer at all. Let's face it, if you're reading this, you need Tim (Houdini) Zerillo.”

-Client Review of Tim Zerillo

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Tim Zerillo is considered one of Maine's most accomplished criminal defense attorneys.  With years of experience, Tim has become nationally known as a fierce advocate for criminal defendants.  In 2019, Tim was elected to the Board of Directors of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Innocent people are charged with crimes every day.  It happens with astounding frequency that innocent people are actually charged with crimes they did not commit.  In fact, in 2017, Tim Zerillo was involved in a five-week trial that resulting in the vacating of a 70-year murder conviction.

Some people are overcharged with crimes.  In some situations, a person did something wrong, but the police or prosecutor have gone overboard, and overcharged the case.

Many others are actually guilty of the crimes they are charged with.  Even so, that is not the end of the road.  There may be evidence that can be suppressed.  There may have been life circumstances that caused the criminality, such as addiction or mental illness.

The simple fact is that when you are accused of a crime - whether you are guilty or innocent - it is crucial that you retain the best lawyer for your case.  At Zerillo Law Firm, our commitment and skill is unparalleled.

In the last few months alone, Tim Zerillo has won two incredible victories in Courts in Maine.  One case in York County involved the suppression of evidence in a manslaughter case from a boating accident death that occurred on Mousam Lake.  Tim won the Motion to Suppress evidence, and the State dismissed the case.  Meanwhile, in Rockland, Tim Zerillo won a Motion to Dismiss a child pornography charges, which resulted in complete dismissal of the indictment against his client after multiple years of litigation.  Tim Zerillo has won numerous trials, motions and dismissals in State and Federal Court throughout his career.  In 2017, Tim Zerillo, along with his co-counsel, had a 70-year murder sentence dismissed, and his client freed from prison.

Tim Zerillo is a Board Member and Delegate of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the leading criminal defense organization in the United States.  Tim is a former President of the Maine Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.  He is a MACDL President's Award winner.  Tim has been selected for the National Trial Lawyer's Top 100 Criminal Defense Attorneys for the last several years.  He has also been nominated to appear in New England Super Lawyers every year since 2010.

Please see our page discussing your rights in criminal cases by clicking here.

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If you have a criminal case in Maine, accept no substitute when you chose your lawyer. 

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Tim has handled several cases for me over the last 10+ years, and I continue to have him represent me to this day. From misdemeanors, to felony, to federal indictment Tim has been willing to work to whatever extent possible for me. He has, on a few occasions, even had impromptu meetings outside of normal business hours with friends of mine who found themselves in trouble. It is apparent that the well being of his clients is TOP PRIORITY. This, along with an incredibly assuring demeanor, diligent work ethic, and vast knowledge of the law make him my first choice as criminal defense attorney.

--Review by a criminal defense client


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