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Awesome Facebook Post By Client About Tim Zerillo

Thanks to our awesome Client, who left this comment on the Zerillo Law Firm Facebook page in response to a post we made on February 2, 2020:

"For everyone who maybe looking for an attorney I highly recommend Tim and his staff . I have had hired and been represented by several different law firms in the past . Tim worked so hard on my case and was so understanding of something that was the most difficult time of my adult life . He took the extra time to find the truth of my case which happened decades ago not only did he win the case and changed my life for the better he became a good friend! There are a lot of law firms to choose from but they pass the case down to others who might not be the attorney who you thought would be there for you. Tin Zerillo will tell you the truth from.the beginning until the end so give him and his staff a chance to hear you out. Once you meet him guarantee you also will make a friend you can always count on being there when you need him!"

Thanks to our Client for this wonderful comment!