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No Crime Committed and Physician Cleared Completely

I am happy to report that the District Attorney's Office and their investigative team have determined that "No Crime" was committed in a white collar matter against a physician we represent. This finding adopted our defense of the case and is a life-changing result for our client.

Maine physicians have an enhanced duties to self-report violations of their license to the Board of Medicine if they are charged with a crime or arrested for one. This puts doctors at a major disadvantage if they are defending themselves in court at the same time.

Last month, for another doctor who was a client, we were able to get a Board Complaint dismissed (see our blog post here). This is tricky to do at times, and requires a balancing of Fifth Amendment protections against the requirements of the Board of Medicine and their disciplinary standards.

Of course, not all licenses in Maine work the same way. They each have their own standards and often requiring their own legal finesse. The 10 day self-report for physicians is particularly onerous, however.

Here, since the finding is that "no crime" was committed, our client will face no criminal nor licensing consequence. Congrats to our Client!

Attorney Tim Zerillo